Yoga Bodywork

These yoga bodywork sessions bring together so many aspects of my work and personal philosophy. The importance of an unhindered flow of energy, or prana, through our bodies and its effect on our lives can be felt and experienced in these exceptional massages.

A two hour complete massage incorporating acupressure points, gentle stretches and applied yoga postures that helping to stimulate and rebalance the body’s energetic systems, realign and stimulate the immune system. It aids in shedding stress and tension, aches and pains, clears the mind and leaves you feeling totally rejuvenated.

The massages are given on a futon mat placed on the floor in a warm environment and are done fully clothed (yoga wear or exercise clothing are ideal).

A must for all yogis who would like to improve their flexibility work on opening hips, shoulders and gently work on troubled areas all in the most relaxing way possible!

I also deliver massages specifically for pregnancy.

The complete 2 hour massage costs £85 (gift vouchers are available)

Also enjoy a 1 hour foot and lower leg massage to relieve stress and tiredness. The foot massage targets many acupressure points corresponding to body areas and vital organs.

1 hour foot and lower leg massage costs £40 (gift vouchers are available).

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