About me

I came across homeopathy over 18 years ago and used it on a self help basis for many years before undertaking a full time three year course and qualifying from the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London (now the largest homeopathic college in the UK) in 2007. I am a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH).

The importance of homeopathy in my life grew as I looked for effective and safe methods of treatment for ailments especially in our children's infancy and in pregnancy. Homeopathy has become our only form of treatment. More recently, it helped heal a herniated disc without the use of pain killers or other "orthodox" medicines.

As a yoga teacher I have found that homeopathy and yoga complement each other very well. Both are wonderful for boosting the immune system in an entirely natural manner without side effects. They are also very good at calming our minds and bodies whilst filling us with positive and restorative energy.

As a trained and experienced secondary school teacher I have a keen interest in teenagers and children. I have found with our own children, as well as patients, that homeopathy has helped them during times of stress, anxiety, anger or frustration, with fears/nightmares/terrors and childhood illnesses, which so often afflict our children today.