A typical consultation

Consultation takes place at my practice on the borders of Peckham and East Dulwich (by Goose Green and St John's Church). If you have issues with mobility a home visit can be arranged.

The initial consultation can take one and half hours. I will need to know a lot about you, your medical and family history, the specific history of your complaint and any circumstances that affect it; emotional symptoms, your diet, lifestyle, energy levels, your sleep and dreams. Also, important in constructing an accurate picture will be knowledge of any other medications you might be taking.


  • Initial Consultation: Adults 55; students/unwaged 45, children (under 18) 35
  • Follow-ups: Adults 35; students/unwaged 30, children (under 18) 25
  • Family rates and gift vouchers available.
  • Charges include:

  • Up to two hours for initial consultation and up to one hour for follow-ups
  • Remedies and postage and packaging if needed. Acute telephone support between appointments if necessary
  • Receipts for health insurance purposes.
  • Testimonials