Yoga and pregnancy

The gentle nature of yoga makes it an ideal form of exercise for anyone needing to be careful of their movements. This is especially true for pregnant women. Due to hormonal changes, movement in the ligaments and shifting weight and balance around the body, we can experience unusual aches and pains, stiffness and sometimes lethargy. A little yoga, well construed moves and poses can help to alleviate discomfort whilst helping to prepare for the birth.

The sense of calm experienced in yoga can help dispel anxieties and relax the body whilst allowing you a little time and space and the opportunity for you to focus on your growing baby.

Breathing exercises can be useful during labour either to focus the mind and help with pain relief or to gather strength.

After a pregnancy, exercise should be undertaken carefully and sensibly (usually six weeks after the delivery). Yoga can also help the body get back into shape and target certain muscle groups to regain strength and vitality.

Pre and post natal, we can experience many movements, maybe even weeks of discomfort. Along with yoga, homeopathy can offer safe relief.