Yoga and stress

As children, we are naturally flexible and grow into upright and balanced adolescents. But as we get older, tension creeps into our bodies, wearing us down and slowly deteriorates our bodily functions. Stress has been shown to be a major cause of illness and affects adversely our body’s resistance to disease.

Stress constricts our circulation and our breathing which in turn tightens our muscles and joints. Blood and vital fluids become hindered in their movement through the body. The spine loses its mobility.

Yoga helps to eliminate areas of stress, unblock muscles and tendons, allowing for better energy flow and in so doing, helps revitalise the body.

Regular, gentle practice of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation will therefore allow our bodies to work properly again. We will no longer feel the need to rush around in the same way but will be able to help heal and grow again from the inside towards the outside.

If you feel that stress adversely affects your life through illness, panic attacks, anxieties or insomnia you may also wish to consider homeopathy. Feel free to contact me for a full consultation for chronic conditions and one-to-one or small group yoga sessions.